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Myths and reality about mesotherapy: debunking the most common misconceptions

Mesotherapy is a procedure often surrounded by conflicting opinions. In this article, I'll discuss the most common myths associated with mesotherapy and try to explain what's really true, drawing on my years of experience in cosmetology.

Myth 1: Mesotherapy is painful

This is one of the most common myths I hear from my clients. In reality, most patients only feel a slight pricking sensation during the procedure. We use very fine needles, and to reduce discomfort, we often apply a numbing cream. So, there's no need to worry – the procedure is quite comfortable.

Myth 2: Mesotherapy is ineffective and provides short-term results

This myth arises from a misunderstanding of the procedure itself. Mesotherapy works, but to achieve visible results, a course of treatments is necessary. One session is not enough. Typically, we recommend 4 to 8 procedures spaced over a few weeks. The effect accumulates gradually, and the results last long – from several months to a year.

Myth 3: Mesotherapy is not suitable for all skin types

This is untrue. Mesotherapy is suitable for all skin types – it's just crucial to select the right mesococktail composition. For instance, for dry skin, we use moisturizing components, for oily skin – those that regulate sebum production, and for sensitive skin, we add soothing ingredients. Each composition is tailored individually.

Myth 4: Mesotherapy has many side effects

Like any cosmetic procedure, mesotherapy may have some side effects, but they are usually minor. After the session, slight redness, swelling, or small bruises may occur, but they quickly fade. The main thing is to follow the post-procedure recommendations to avoid complications.

Myth 5: Results of mesotherapy are visible immediately after the first procedure

Some clients do see improvements after the first session, but for a lasting effect, a course is required. The skin needs time to absorb the active substances, so we recommend several sessions. Patience pays off – and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Personal experience

As a cosmetologist with years of experience, I know exactly what often holds clients back from undergoing the procedure. The biggest concerns are usually the fear of pain and doubts about effectiveness. Over the years, I've helped many women overcome these fears and achieve the desired results. It's always important to have realistic expectations and be prepared for the fact that achieving the best results takes time and patience.


Mesotherapy is a great way to improve the condition of the skin, but it's important to have realistic expectations and trust the procedure to a professional. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, I'm here to help. Just contact me through the contact form on the website.

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