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30 minutes - 1 hour


Dermal Filler

We offer different types of fillers. Dr. Turban uses her professional opinion to chose and pick the best filler for each patient.

What it is: 

Patients desire a full, and youthful facial appearance. However, we lose volume naturally as we age. At our Vancouver clinic, we offer different types pf dermal filler to restore facial volume and create a youthful appearance. 

Areas of treatment:
  • Lips

  • Chin

  • Cheeks

  • Butt

  • Jawline

  • Hands

  • Neck bands

  • Temple Area

  • Technique: Micro droplet injection, cannula, microneedles

  • Recovery Time: None

  • Treatments: 3 - 4 sessions with occasional annual touch ups

  • Pain Level: Mild to medium

  • Anesthesia: Topical numbing cream and ice

  • Lasts: 6 months to years depending on the dermal filler 

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