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Lipolytic/Stubborn fat treatment



Stubborn fat treatment


The active ingredient that is used for this treatment is deoxycholic acid that is normally produced in our body by the liver to help with fat metabolism.  We use this ingredient to inject into the area where we have stubborn fatty cells to destroy them completely. As the result no fat can be accumulated in the treated areas.

A combination of factors such as lifestyle, posture, hormones, genetics and age can contribute to the formation of stubborn fatty areas. We can use a fat dissolving substance that is naturally produced by our body to get rid of unwanted fat depositions.  This substance is called Deoxycholic acid. It is produced by our liver and it  breaks down dietary fat  and helps with fat absorption.  In aesthetic medicine we use deoxycholic acid to treat submental fullness, eliminating the appearance of a double chin and other body parts where we have stubborn tat depositions. 

Areas of treatment:
  • Double chin

  • Inner thigh

  • Bra bulge fat

How it works:

When injected, deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells, resulting in noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin. Once destroyed, fat cells can no longer store fat so we expect permanent result. 

After using topical numbing cream we use a fine needle for injections.  The treatment consists of  3 to 4 sessions. We will assess each client individually for the number of treatments required. 

  • You may experience mild redness, mild burning,

    temporary bruising or swelling that may last up to 7 days

  • Post treatment care will be discussed during consultation

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