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Marionette & Smile Lines


30 minutes - 1 hour


What it is:

We can insert PDO threads to add or decrease volume and appearance, and fill fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen forms around PDO threads making this treatment last a long time.

We can strategically place fillers with precision to fill fine lines and wrinkles as well as deeper creases in the face.

We can inject volite which is a hyaluronic acid-based filler to enhance the appearance and texture of see your skin while rehydrating.

  • Technique: Micro Droplet Injection, Cannula, Microneedles.

  • Recovery Time: 3 - 5 days

  • Pain Level: Mild to medium

  • Anesthesia: Topical numbing cream & ice, Local anesthetic is in the fillers and can also be used before

  • Results:

Fillers: Lasts 6 - 12 months

PDO Threads: Effects can be permanent with collagen building around them.

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